Friday the 13th.That glorious day is coming up next weekend, again. The day you can turn all your bad luck around, and jinx proof your world!! Erase that bad Karma. Ward of those evil spirits. Keep the tax man and death off your doorstep for another year. All this with just one application of the Salty Dog’s patented Lucky 13 Tattoo. That’s tight folks, for just 13$ and a minimum tip to the Tattoo Gods in the Sky of a minimum 7$, you too can join the team. It’ll cure poor vision, double vision and night vision. Remedies constipation and diarrhea simultaneously. Makes you more attractive to the opposite sex and sex in general. Make you smarter and dumbs you down enough to survive in this crazy. You’ll find yourself going faster and free of fast women, unless you’re not allergic, in which case the fast women would come faster. Aids in weight loss. Adds muscle mass. Makes you look taller, to shorter people, which whom will think you an angel. Tall people will look you in the eye after this. Cures what ails you and turns bad thoughts good. Absolutely no side effects other than any side effects, Not responsible for side effects. All this with just one tattoo, doubling tattoos may not add double effects, but we can’t say it won’t.

Results vary, No warranties or guarantees. Not liable for false hopes and unrealistic expectations. 

First come first serve. Special stops at midnight, after that Saturday the 14th tattoos, go on sale for 50$ while supplies last. #fridaythe13th #13 #tattooholiday #getsome #jinx