About Troll

I started Tattooing around 1993, back home in River Oaks, Texas. Been a long and winding road to where I am today, but worth the costs. Spearheading about six years at Bonehead Tattoo, then breaking ground on my first shop, Munkeewrench Tattoos in 2000. Six years later I opened The Salty Dog Tattoo Shoppe.

Tattooing is and has always been a consuming force, Tattoo is a Way of Life not a Job.  The Traditions and Standards of the industry demand a higher level of commitment to achieve a higher standard of success. Social responsibility to the Clients is underrated by many younger artists today. I remember when it was all sex, drugs and rock and roll, with experience comes the severance for tattoo.

They say harsh seas make strong sailors, and with that so does decades of tattooing. The Salty Dog name reflects that. Ive worked in many styles and genres of art and tattooing. This leaves me versatile in Color as well as Black n’ Grey.  Japanese, Realism, Portraits, Traditional or Neo Traditional, I can provide you.

to quote the great Norman Collins, ” My work speaks for itself.”


Some sample shots from the life of a sketchbook . Drawing is the lifeblood of art.

An artist that doesn’t feel more alive  when creating is no artist.  Never stop creating!