About Jamie English

All my life I’ve been drawing on something; in my youth I spent my spare time drawing all the things I wanted and couldn’t afford. My father always worked with me on drawing and gave me books and magazines to help me get better. In high school, I knew I wanted to be a tattoo artist. This was a time when tattoos were frowned upon and I was heavily discouraged, still I pressed on, determined to learn this mysterious, magical craft. Upon graduation, I sought ought out an apprenticeship at Skin Art Gallery in Arlington, Tx in 1994.
I started tattooing full time in the historic Fort Worth Stockyards at Tattoo Studio early 1998. A few years later, I moved to work with my mentor in Webster, TX at Abstract Art for a few years. After moving back to Fort Worth, I worked at most of the shops around, and with some of the best the area has to offer, until finding my current home shop of Salty Dog Tattoo Shoppe, which was opened by Troll, one of my tattoo heroes; he is deeply missed. I try to keep his spirit alive in the shop and strive to do better with every tattoo as if my hero is looking over my shoulder.
I enjoy the thrill of the unknown, not knowing what will walk in the door next. Hopefully its something challenging my skill and pressing me forward. I learned to tattoo in a time before cell phones and the invention of the internet, so you had to be able to do whatever style came through the door. Whatever it may be, big or small, it may seem meaningless to some but every tattoo I do is important to me. I like to give the client an experience – not just a good tattoo, but a good time with stories and laughter. I enjoy the bold, bright, solid tattoos that are built to last! I won’t tell you what you want to hear but will not steer you wrong in the application of your new tattoo!


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