Want to Book now with one of our artists? Easy Breezy. Just send us a message and get in touch with us. Just a few details about who you are, what you’re thinking about doing and how to get ahold of you. We’ll respond to you as fast as we can. Don’t forget to mention which artist you’re looking to book time with.

To ensure your appointment time and price, it will be necessary to make a Deposit. This amount will be credited to the final price of your tattoo. How much of a Deposit may you ask? That’s going to depend on two things. First, how long your tattoo will take will affect the final price. Second, how far out your tattoo appointment is will require a higher deposit amount. Having that said, deposits are non refundable. IF something crazy comes up we can reschedule your appointment without loss of deposit, given 48 hours notice.

Usually small to medium tattoos will require 50-100$ deposits if they’re less than 30 days away. Larger tattoos will require larger deposits to secure. For appointments booked further than 30 days out the deposit will be doubled. And of course, if you’re truly committed to the cause you can pay larger amounts to pay towards your final costs.

Why do you need to pay a deposit? Well, it’s necessary to ensure clients respect the time, we, as artists put into the quality, planning, and commitment to your tattoo and our art. We are craftsmen and want to provide you with the product we both deserve.  When a client doesn’t show up, we lose both money and valuable time away from our families spent working towards Your satisfaction. Please don’t leave us waiting around on people with commitment issues. BE A GOOD CLIENT AND SHOW UP FOR YOUR APPOINTMENT.

Thank you for understanding. It’s not just Your time, it’s Our time too.

NOTICE: if you have not spoken with your Artist yet,

Please refrain from paying deposits ahead of time.

Availabilities may vary and change. Your Artist will

give you notice when to put down your deposit, as

well as inform you of the required amount – Thanks

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  • Interested in getting a tattoo from Salty Dog Tattoos? Stop by the shop during my business hours or fill out the consult form below to start the process. This helps us manage tattoo inquiries more efficiently and ultimately provide a better service.
  • Note: Please be patient,  I receive a lot of inquiries and can not always respond right away. I try to get back to everyone as soon as I can but sometimes it takes me a few days. Please forgive us if I am slow to respond.
  • FYI We typically book up around 2 months in advance.
  • We will not share your information with anyone for any reason. EVER.  The information in this form will only be used by Salty Dog Tattoos as is pertains to the booking process of your tattoo and nothing more.

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Some concepts are pretty straightforward while others require a bit more explanation. Briefly Explain your tattoo idea in a few sentences. Please include all “must have” aspects of the design as well as anything you definitely DON’T want. (think of this as a design checklist of what you want to see in the drawing). i.e. “I want a clock tattoo with flowers incorporated, I want the time on the clock to read 7:22, my sons birthday. I'm open-minded on the type of flowers but I don’t want roses.” In my notes, this would read “clock and flowers, time 7:22, no roses”

Location and Approximate size of the tattoo in inches.

Please upload any reference pictures you have that help to convey the idea for your tattoo by clicking the "upload" link above.
(note: you will still need to click submit buttom at the bottom of this form after uploading your files)

Please include a clear straight on photo of the area to be tattooed. (Get someone else to snap the picture if needed.) I do the drawing directly on top of the picture (keep this in mind when taking the picture. Avoid weird angles or being to close/far). The idea is to simulate drawing on your skin with markers without you having to be present. A straight on clear photo works best. This ensures a custom fit tattoo tailored to your specific body. An added benefit is that you can get an idea of what it will look like on your skin when you see the drawing.

What days and times work best for you to get tattooed? Trying to get in on a specific date?
Working hours are Wed/Thurs = 1pm-10pm. Fri/Sat = 3pm-12am. I try my best to get clients in at days/times that are ideal for them but it is not always possible. Weekends are the first to book up and typically require the longest wait. The more flexible you are on scheduling the sooner I can get you in. Please Note: I am usually booked around 2 months in advance.