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Ever since I was 2, Grandpa Luo, my day care then, who was also a traditional Chinese lantern artisan, introduced me to Chinese tradition art by baby sitting me while making dragon & lion lanterns for the neighborhood dragon-lion dance on holidays. Then I started formal training of Chinese painting & calligraphy since 6. Fully soaked in the art of Far East for more than 2 decades before I end up on the soil of America– a country that’s equivalent of the word “West”. The experiences would result in art works that’s clashed, mixed & blended then refined with both worlds.

Tattooing is an art form that I could calm myself into. Practiced with passion, patience, precision, and persistence. It takes both the artist’s and the customer’s trust to perform. Tattoo is perminate and serious.

SongQi Huang



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To ensure your appointment time and price, it will be necessary to make a Deposit. This amount will be credited to the final price of your tattoo. How much of a Deposit may you ask? That’s going to depend on two things. First, how long your tattoo will take will affect the final price. Second, how far out your tattoo appointment is will require a higher deposit amount. Having that said, deposits are non refundable. IF something crazy comes up we can reschedule your appointment without loss of deposit, given 48 hours notice.

Usually small to medium tattoos will require 50-100$ deposits if they’re less than 30 days away. Larger tattoos will require larger deposits to secure. For appointments booked further than 30 days out the deposit will be doubled. And of course, if you’re truly committed to the cause you can pay larger amounts to pay towards your final costs.

Why do you need to pay a deposit? Well, it’s necessary to ensure clients respect the time, we, as artists put into the quality, planning, and commitment to your tattoo and our art. We are craftsmen and want to provide you with the product we both deserve.  When a client doesn’t show up, we lose both money and valuable time away from our families spent working towards Your satisfaction. Please don’t leave us waiting around on people with commitment issues. BE A GOOD CLIENT AND SHOW UP FOR YOUR APPOINTMENT.

Thank you for understanding. It’s not just Your time, it’s Our time too.

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