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About Derrick Teal

.Art has been a lifelong pursuit for me, mom still holds on to those toddler age sketches. Childhood was filled with art contest ribbons rather than sports trophies. Graduated from High School with honors in art. Studied Graphic Design at the Art Institute of Dallas & worked in that field for nearly a decade until Tattooing found me through a longtime friend. Over a beer he offered to teach me, that Monday I started my apprenticeship and 6 years later here I am. I like to say it’s the best snap decision I’ve ever made; I love what I do!  I specialize in Sacred Geometry & Dot-work, though I enjoy the challenges found in all styles of tattooing



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Usually small to medium tattoos will require 25-100$ deposits if they’re less than 30 days away. Larger tattoos will require larger deposits to secure. For appointments booked further than 30 days out the deposit will be doubled. And of course, if you’re truly committed to the cause you can pay larger amounts to pay towards your final costs.

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